3 Things Covered by Earthquake Insurance

3 Things Covered by Earthquake Insurance

Many things are covered under a standard homeowners policy, but there are some things that are not. Some perils like earthquake require either a separate policy or endorsement to an existing policy for coverage. If you live in an area where earthquakes are likely, it may be wise to a policy that will provide these three coverages that can be purchased through a trusted insurance agency in Los Angeles.

Personal Property Coverage

Contents inside your home that were damaged by an earthquake can also be included in the coverage. Furniture and personal items can get damaged in the quake or the ensuing collapse. Just be aware that some sub-limits exist for items like fine china, which you will have to add via scheduled personal property.

Dwelling Coverage

Your home’s structure can be covered in the event of an earthquake. The policy limits for the cost to rebuild can match your existing coverage. However, there are some exclusions like the cost to repair a masonry exterior since the chance of a total loss to it is significant.

Increased Living Expenses

If the home becomes unlivable due to earthquake damage, the policy can pay for the cost to live elsewhere until repairs are completed. While that coverage also exists on the standard homeowners’ policy, earthquake is excluded and therefore requires additional insurance.

Earthquakes can happen anywhere and can be devastating to a home. The right insurance will indemnify you for the losses associated with the disaster.