4 Tips for Newbie RV Owners

4 Tips for Newbie RV Owners

New RV owners may be daunted by the variety of things to learn about their traveling home. In addition to knowing the RV insurance requirements in Texas, new owners benefit from some quick tips. Adventure awaits and you learn as you go.


Most states require RV insurance, Texas is no exception. At a minimum, your rig needs liability coverage equal to that of your vehicle. Full-time RVers should consider full-coverage and additional insurance.


Helpful tools to keep on board the RV include a 4-way wrench, a comprehensive wrench set and a tire monitor. Tech gadgets can be fun but are not necessary to get started on your adventure.


Before you book a site to camp or park at, you need to know the size of your trailer. Some sites are too small for certain-sized trailers. The height of the trailer may prevent the RV from going beneath certain bridges as well.


Have a good understanding of your tank hold capacity and the types of tanks on board. If planning to boondock with your trailer, ensure you have fresh, clean water in the tank ahead of time.

Understanding the RV insurance requirements in Texas is a first step to traveling through the Lone Star State. These few tips can get you out on the road enjoying your new RV faster.