Another Way to Help Preserve Democracy

Another Way to Help Preserve Democracy

Americans have the privilege of living in a democratic republic. At the core of that is getting to vote for government officials from the dogcatcher right up to the president. The best thing you can do to take advantage of that privilege and keep democracy is to vote. But there is another way to support the democratic system.

Driving Others to the Polls

For people who live in urban areas, getting to the polls may not be difficult. Polling places are usually not that far away and major cities have mass transit systems. But those who live in rural areas may have to travel far to get to a polling place. Some of these people don’t own cars or are elderly and no longer drive. You can help with a volunteer drive to polls. It’s a simple task. You merely pick people up at their residences and give them a ride to their polling place, allowing them to vote. Then you drive them back home. You can take them in small groups. 

This easy, yet selfless act can have a big impact on the lives of the people you help, as well as the system of democracy. You will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are truly a good citizen.

The right to vote is a privilege that should not be wasted. Volunteer to drive those without a ride to their polling places. You can’t vote twice, but you can help multiple times.