Assisted Living Facilities Face These Common Risks

Assisted Living Facilities Face These Common Risks

As the population ages, assisted living facilities have grown in number to meet the needs of a growing number of people. Innovative healthcare insurance solutions help protect these companies against common and uncommon risks posed by caring for others. These three risks are common among most assisted living facilities.

Transportation Accidents

Many assisted living facilities offer transportation services for their residents. These usually focus on making medical appointments for providers, not on site. However, they can also include special outings or activities located off-site. The best drivers may not be able to prevent an accident caused by another vehicle driver or the effects of bad weather causing injuries to the passengers.

Falling Injuries

Slip and fall accidents can impact a resident’s quality of life, but they are a common occurrence. Sometimes, the falls happen due to the effects of age, but other times, they are a result of something on the premises such as spilled liquids or clutter.

Staff Negligence

Staff members provide necessary services to their residents, but sometimes they fail to care properly for those in their care. As seen on, adding additional services to what is offered at the facility can increase the exposures of the facility. This includes what is required of staff members.

Healthcare insurance solutions that meet the needs of a changing landscape help a business continue to care for their residents. Addressing these common risks can help your business be safer.