Assisted Rides Makes Things Easier for Volunteer Organizations

Assisted Rides Makes Things Easier for Volunteer Organizations

What do you do when you cannot drive, and there is no public transportation available? This is an increasing concern for the disabled, dependent and vulnerable populations of the country. This is especially true today when immunocompromised people are not leaving their homes for safety reasons.

If you own a company or nonprofit that fills the gap by providing transportation, you might find it difficult to coordinate your efforts. Fortunately, Assisted Rides can help.

What Is Assisted Rides

Essentially, it is a computer program that manages your volunteers, matching them with those that need assistance. Through this program, you can assign drivers, manage data and keep on top of reporting requirements. It can also be useful in scheduling other forms of assistance as well. You can tailor the program for your companies needs.

What Programs Does It Support?

Assisted Rides supports a variety of programs, including:

  • Deliveries
  • Volunteer drivers
  • Taxi vouchers
  • Time banking
  • Paid memberships

Each of these services is necessary for today’s hands-off climate. It can help you organize and coordinate all of your services.

What Are The Program Demographics?

It is easy to say that this program can help, but the numbers can speak for themselves. Since its inception, this program has over 50,000 clients in 34 states.

Assisted Rides can help you coordinate your rideshare, medical relief or delivery business. It is the solution to many logistics problems associated with volunteer and nonprofit companies offering these services.