Commercial Package Policies Offer Customized Protection

Commercial Package Policies Offer Customized Protection

Customization is an attractive thing. This is famously true of vehicles but just as applicable to business insurance policies. If you own a small or mid-size company, you probably do not need the same type of coverage as does a large corporation. Furthermore, your business may bring specialized risks. The best solution is a Commercial Package Policy, often shortened to CPP insurance.

How CPP Insurance Helps Smaller Businesses

Companies of all sizes need certain types of coverage. These standard protections include commercial general liability, commercial property, business vehicle policies, and workers compensation packages. Sometimes, however, certain industries may require coverage beyond the basics. By choosing CPP insurance, you can add other types of coverage, including:

  • Directors & Officers Liability
  • Inland Marine
  • Pollution
  • Professional Liability
  • Crime Protection

With a CPP plan, companies benefit from important basic coverages as well as from specific protections their niche requires bundled together in one convenient package.

Considerations with CPP Plans

While CPP programs provide a wide range of coverage, some companies may still need additional types of specialized policies. For example, workers compensation packages are governed by state regulations, so your agent must set up your employee benefits protection based on your location.

As a business owner, you can breathe easier with insurance tailored to fit your particular needs. Being able to focus on day-to-day operations without needless worries about having the right protection is good for both your company and your clients.