Disease Management: Steps to Reduce High Claims Costs

Disease Management: Steps to Reduce High Claims Costs

Healthcare costs represent substantial expenditures for most businesses. Large businesses are uniquely affected and without proper disease management claims can skyrocket. Most claims come from a small group of people within a company, so businesses are strategizing to create a workplace culture that promotes health and wellness.

Steps to Create a Healthy Workplace Environment

  • Support wellness: Wellness takes into consideration important overall lifestyle changes. Some employees need assistance to make life changes and need guidance to access health resources. Businesses need to play an active role in helping workers make these necessary changes.
  • Encourage positive behaviors: Employees should be encouraged to make incremental health-focused changes. Studies show that acquiring better habits can take several months to achieve. Individuals who make small and steady changes over a period of time are more likely to sustain their goals.
  • Employ personalized care: Businesses benefit from personalized nurse-centered care to support workers with their health programs. Nurses give professional guidance on health programs, track employee treatment plan compliance and monitor health outcomes. Employers find this is a cost-effective way to manage wellness issues and to provide necessary employee assistance.

Disease management is achieved through a focus on health and wellness culture building. It is an important step toward increased employee well-being and reduced claims for businesses already burdened by the rising costs of healthcare benefits.