Does Car Insurance Cover Sliding on Ice?

Does Car Insurance Cover Sliding on Ice?

Northerners take pride in their ability to drive no matter the weather. However, they sometimes underestimate the threat of getting behind the wheel when there is ice on the road. Consider what happens when your vehicle is sliding on ice and whether an accident is covered by your car insurance.

Black Ice

Black ice is a term for smooth, clear patches of ice that form on roads, often along bridges, overpasses and tunnels. The patches are practically invisible to drivers, especially in the early morning or at night when temperatures are low and visibility is poor.

Ice-Related Damages

When your car tires encounter a patch of ice on the road, the tires cannot grip and the car will slide. Besides risking life-threatening injury to other drivers, pedestrians and yourself, sliding on ice also can cause significant damage to  the following:

  • Your car
  • Other cars
  • Signs
  • Guardrails
  • Mailboxes


The presence of ice on the road does not exempt you from liability, and you are likely to be considered at fault for driving under unsafe conditions. Thus, your insurance will pay for the damage and you will be responsible for the deductible. Before the season of icy driving begins, be sure you have sufficient liability insurance to cover a potential accident.