Essential Insurance Policies for Business Owners

Essential Insurance Policies for Business Owners

If you own a business in the sunshine state, you need an insurance package that protects your company and your employees. While every business’s needs are different, there are a few policies that every business owner should consider essential. When you purchase commercial insurance in Orlando, make sure you have the basics covered.

Commercial Property

Your property insurance protects your building, your landscaping, fences and signage. If anything gets damaged due to an accident or sudden event, your policy can help cover the cost of repairs.

General Liability

Your general liability policy protects you when your company is sued. It may pay legal fees as well as any settlement you are instructed to pay to the party who sues you.

Workers’ Comp

When employees are injured on the job, they deserve to be compensated for their pain and suffering. Worker’s compensation covers medical bills, lost wages and other expenses associated with on-the-job injuries.

Extra Coverage

The Hilb Group of Florida recommends various other policies that may be pertinent to your company. An agent can help you assess your risks and see if your company would be well served by additional coverage:

Commercial crime
Cyber risk
Environmental liability
Commercial auto

Each company’s needs are different. It’s important to have the coverage you need to protect your business.