Golf Cart Insurance: What Does It Cover?

Golf carts are whizzing all over the place and everyone seems to be enjoying themselves. That sounds like great news to a golf course or golf pro shop owner. Unfortunately, all that can come to a halt with one freak golf cart accident. If you want to make sure your business is protected against financial disaster, then you need to be sure to have your carts covered by golf cart insurance.

What Coverages Are Available?

Similar to your car insurance, full coverage for your golf carts protects you against a variety of perils. Here’s what you can expect:

Bodily Injury Liability Coverage

If a guest or other third party is injured because of an accident caused by one of your carts, your policy will pay for the medical expenses. If a lawsuit is filed against you, your policy will also cover your legal expenses.

Property Damage Liability Coverage

In like manner, if one of your carts is at fault in an accident that damages someone else’s property, this part of your golf cart insurance policy will pay to repair the damage that was done. Expenses related to a lawsuit are covered as well.

Collision Coverage

If you want to be able to pay to repair your golf carts after an accident regardless of who is at fault, then you should also include collision coverage in your policy. Damage from accidents involving just your own carts or those with third parties, even if they don’t have insurance, are all covered.

Comprehensive Coverage

If any of your golf carts are damaged due to an incident other than a collision, then this part of your policy will cover the cost to repair it. Likewise, if one of them is stolen, your policy will help cover the cost to replace it.

Figuring out which coverages to include in your policy can be a challenge. Work with an agent who’s experienced with golf cart insurance to get the perfect policy customized for you.