Guessing at Your Coverage Rates

Guessing at Your Coverage Rates

Guessing at Your Coverage Rates

If you need a home, auto, business, or other specialty insurance, there are many places where you can find insurance quotes. Depending on what you need, many online companies offer a free instant quote. These aren’t always accurate, but it might be able to give you a range on what to expect. For a more direct assessment, you need to provide some qualifying information.

Home Insurance

When you are looking for a homeowners’ policy, an agent will need to do a physical inspection of the home to determine the most accurate quote. Over the phone, they might ask when the house was built, the age of the roof, type of heating and air system, the type of flooring, attached or detached garage, storage buildings, fencing and if you own a pool.

Auto Insurance

If you are calling local agents or searching online for auto insurance, you will need to have several things in front of you for a semi-accurate quote.

Your vehicle identification number, make and model
Current policy terms; coverage and limits
Names and personal information of drivers to be covered through the policy
Your current coverage and limits

When you shop for insurance quotes, keep in mind that your credit score will also influence your overall price. A citation is an estimate, and the final details of your policy will vary.