How Are Maritime Workers Compensated When Injured on the Job?

How Are Maritime Workers Compensated When Injured on the Job?

Companies that hire or provide contracts for those who work on or near navigable waters in the United States have some important insurance coverage requirements to follow. The federal government requires companies utilizing such workers as dock builders, marine contractors and ship repairers to provide compensation for any injuries or illnesses resulting from performing their duties. Workers who load and unload vessels would also fall under this program.

Coverage Necessary For Maritime Workers

Workers’ Compensation coverage is not sufficient for these workers. Workers’ Compensation covers typical types of protection on the job, but for those working on or near water, there are different exposures to consider. Additional coverage through the United States Longshore & Harbor Act (USL&H) is required under federal law, as authorized by the United States Department of Labor. USL&H insurance programs provide coverage to workers, including wages lost and any post-injury earnings. Under the USL&H Act, any employer who fails to provide this coverage for a worker who files a claim will be fined up to $10,000 or up to one year of imprisonment, or both.

Make sure your insurance agent is well versed in maritime laws so that they are able to adequately evaluate the risks and offer the type of coverage needed to protect your company and your employees.