How Does Commercial Truck Insurance Differ From Car Insurance?

How Does Commercial Truck Insurance Differ From Car Insurance?

If you use your truck to haul goods or provide services, then your regular auto policy is not sufficient to protect you in case of an accident. Here is an explanation of how commercial truck insurance differs and what it covers.

Personal Automobile Insurance

Your regular car insurance policy is good at what it does: protecting you while you drive your car for personal reasons. Its coverage takes effect when you or members of your family drive to and from work, or for any purpose not related to business. If you do happen to need your policy for something that occurs while driving on a business-related errand, your insurance company may not pay, depending on what your specific policy allows.

Commercial Truck Insurance

If driving is part of your job, you should have commercial vehicle insurance, even if the vehicle belongs to you. If you use your truck to do any of the following, you probably need a commercial policy:

  • Deliver goods
  • Transport people
  • Pull a trailer used in your job
  • Charge money for any service performed with your truck

Talk to your insurance agent about the type of vehicle policy that is most appropriate for your situation. Even though the premiums for commercial insurance are generally higher, the protections are greater, too.