How New Technology Is Changing the Modern Laundromat

How New Technology Is Changing the Modern Laundromat

Technology not only affects the way we communicate with each other but even has altered the way we wash and dry our clothes. The industrial laundry industry has seen significant changes in the last few years in the way customers interact with the company and machines. The changes have mostly been positive.


New technology means machines that use less water than ever before. These energy-efficient machines use less detergent and are cheaper to run than previous models. While the upfront cost may be more expensive, laundromat owners may reap more rewards by adopting newer machines.


With a growing reliance on mobile-payment apps to transfer money, laundromats can use similar services rather than relying on coins and dollars. Using these services can help the laundromat cater to a larger section of the population especially younger people. Insurance companies like Irving Weber Associates can help plan an insurance policy to cover some of the risks associated with adopting new technologies.


Laundromats can use the power of social media to reach new customers and engage with current customers. Advertising on these services can have immediate returns. The sharing capacity of these sites can boost the laundromat’s visibility to thousands of people instantly.
The industrial laundry industry is changing rapidly with the growing use of technology by all sectors of the population. Cash is king may no longer be the best way to go.