How to Rope In the Best Insurance for Your Rodeo

How to Rope In the Best Insurance for Your Rodeo

It does not take an experienced rodeo cowboy to recognize the heightened dangers that go along with the rodeo life. Putting on a rodeo involves more than just herding livestock and providing seating for attendees. A rodeo is a multifaceted entertainment experience, so it is important for those in charge to consider comprehensive rodeo insurance to cover the broad spectrum of incidents that can occur.

The Value of Specialized Experience

When comparing different insurance policies for your rodeo, look for an insurance company with personalized coverage plans that include aspects unique to a rodeo event. These can include, but are not limited to:
• Contractual liability
• Athletic participant liability
• Natural disaster and catastrophe liability

Additionally, since a rodeo is a public event, it is a good idea to think about the particular situations that may happen. A rodeo insurance policy with coverage for performer injury, collapsing stages, assault and battery, illnesses and liquor licensing could prove to be valuable to your entertainment company.

The Variety of Liability Coverage

As you research coverage plans, take note of the aspects covered by commercial general liability, or CGL, insurance. Ask your insurance agent to break down what is covered in the CGL, such as personal injuries, liquor liabilities, catastrophes, and property damage. Some plans may come with excess liability clauses, which could provide further coverage to your rodeo.