Lawsuits Covered by Business Liability Insurance

Lawsuits Covered by Business Liability Insurance

In the United States, lawsuits are an everyday occurrence. Luckily, business liability insurance exists to help business owners cope with the constant onslaught of claims from the general public. Here are some examples of potential lawsuits and the policies that cover them.


If someone falls and becomes injured at your place of business, he or she may sue you for damages. General liability insurance covers medical expenses and also any repair of personal property in this situation.

Copyright Infringement

By something as simple as having an employee inadvertently post a copyrighted picture on your website, you can be found guilty of copyright infringement. Luckily, general liability also covers this type of lawsuit.

Serious Accident

A car crash can result in devastating bodily injury and enormous court costs. Because the financial repercussions often exceed automobile insurance limits, many small business owners invest in excess liability to cover serious accidents.


Current and past employees often sue when they feel an employer has violated their rights. Employment practices liability insurance helps pay the cost of legal representation in such cases.

There is virtually no end to the types of claims the public can make against a business. Having more than one liability policy is one way to prevent losing money to excessive lawsuits like these.