Looking Out for Your Mixed-Use Property

Looking Out for Your Mixed-Use Property

There are some purchases that property owners can make quickly and with minimal research, such as buying a new kind of paint for the exterior of their building. Unfortunately, property insurance is not one of these things. It is essential that insurance policies fully cover your property in numerous scenarios so that you can replace or repair things should a need arise. Mixed use property insurance is just one example of complex insurance policies that must be carefully considered.

What Qualifies as a Mixed-Use Property?

If your building serves more than one purpose, there is a good chance it is a mixed-use property. One common example is an urban restaurant with apartments above it. Similarly, if part of your space is used for serving customers while another part is dedicated solely to office workers, your building may be considered multi-purpose.

What Type of Coverage Do You Need?

Mixed use property insurance plans vary depending on the types of commercial or residential establishments they must cover. Policies may include liability, workers’ compensation, inland marine, and many other kinds of insurance. It is critical that you meet with an insurance specialist to ensure you have every type of coverage you require.

No matter how you use it, your property is no doubt your livelihood. Make sure it is protected from whatever the future may bring.