Prepare Wisely for Your Next Fishing Trip

Prepare Wisely for Your Next Fishing Trip

The fishing spots in Michigan are some of the best fishing spots you’ll find. From popular parks to secret getaways, Michigan has everything that you need.

What You Need to Prepare for a Fishing Trip

Before you leave on your fishing trip, make sure that you have all of your gear ready. This includes fishing gear, clothes for any weather and insurance on your vehicles. If you have a boat, RV or any vehicle to travel in, you want your vehicles to be protected.

Where to Plan Your Fishing Trip

Michigan is full of some of the hottest fishing spots. You’ll find popular getaway spots along with some of Michigan’s best-kept secrets. These fishing holes include:

  • Elizabeth Park
  • Dingwell Park
  • Maple River
  • Hudson Mills Metropark

Elizabeth Park is in Trenton and has great walleye, rock bass and perch fishing spots on the Detroit River. Dingwell Park is near Detroit and has walleye, pike, steelhead and other fish species. If you choose the Maple River, this is in northern Michigan. At Maple River, you’ll find a lot of brown and brook trout, along with steelhead. Hudson Mills Metropark is in the Huron-Clinton Metropark system and is a great spot for smallmouth and largemouth bass, along with big panfish and channel catfish.

If you’re planning a fishing trip, make sure that you’re well-prepared. Once you have a place in mind, make sure that you plan for the safest trip possible.