Protecting Your Business During a Shutdown

Protecting Your Business During a Shutdown

There are a number of factors that play into the success of your business. Unfortunately, a number of these factors are going to be outside of your control. The best you can do is take time to research potential issues in advance so that you can formulate a plan of action. After government shutdown, for example, certain businesses can be impacted. The National Pollution Funds Center, or NPFC, made reports about the shutdown this year.

COFR Applications

As reported on, government shutdowns can make it difficult for business owners to finish COFR applications. When a shutdown occurs, most offices are completely empty or have the most limited staff possible. This means a business owner may need to make other arrangements for his or her application. Since these applications can be time-sensitive, it is best to act fast. Options to consider include:

  • Using an online option for application processes
  • Waiting until shutdown completes
  • Notify the proper channels of the delay

Take Proper Precautions

Since a COFR is vital for any vessels entering US waters and carrying cargo, you don’t want a matter like a shutdown to cause more harm to your business. Stay on top of the process and research your options. Should the shutdown persist longer than anticipated, you will have a plan of action for how to get your COFR completed and keep your business above water.