Protecting Your Business With Event Photographer Liability Insurance

Protecting Your Business With Event Photographer Liability Insurance

Event photography can be a lucrative business, with a variety of potential avenues for work. Still, effectively considering the potential liabilities of event photographers is essential for any professional in the business. Event photographers have a number of concerns to consider — property damage, complaints about work, and more — that require careful and tailored approaches. Carrying event photographer liability insurance is also an essential way to protect financial assets, as well as clients.

What Liabilities Should Event Photographers Be Concerned With?

Events can widely wary in scope, and potential concerns at some events may not translate to others. Generally speaking, though, event photographers may wish to consider any of the following types of policies:

  • Event insurance may be necessary, to protect against any liabilities due to third-party injuries, damage to third-party property, or loss of income due to event cancellation
  • Commercial photorapher insurance, or errors and omissions insurance, can protect against complaints of unsatisfactory work
  • General liability policies protect against damage to property or injury to others

Other types of insurance — like commercial auto or workers compensation insurance — may also be necessary, depending on the scope of your operation. Speaking to an experienced insurer can help institute an insurance policy that sufficiently protects your business, as well as your clients.