Required Coverage for State Residents

Required Coverage for State Residents

As with many things in our country, regulations keep citizen safe and in good health. Some of these laws protect physical health while others are designed to secure a citizen’s financial health. Most of these come by way of insurance requirements, and for mandated state insurance NJ residents are required to have, online portals can provide assistance for browsing and purchasing.

In addition to the state of NJ, many other states require its citizens to purchase automobile insurance. When you register an automobile, residents will be required to show proof of insurance. Federal regulation dictates the liability coverage that commercial truckers need to operate across the county.

There are three types of mandatory state insurance NJ residents must have if they own an automobile.

Liability: This insurance pays for damages done to other vehicles and property if you are responsible for the accident.
Personal Injury Protection: This insurance pays for medical expenses for all those injured from an automobile accident.
Uninsured motorist coverage: This insurance benefits you if the other driver in an accident doesn’t carry the right insurance coverage.

As an NJ resident, make sure your policy is compliant with state law. However, your best bet is to be fully compliant but also be fully covered in the event of an accident.