Review Your Policy Options To Ensure Comprehensive Coverage

Review Your Policy Options To Ensure Comprehensive Coverage

Operating a business that is located on or near a large body of water can bring about a number of unique circumstances. For one, there are countless regulations at state and federal levels that dictate how you must conduct your daily operations. Marine pollution is a serious issue and a failure to comply with certain codes can lead to severe fines and complicated legal struggles. To avoid this, USCG COFR insurance can be a huge aid.

Essential Protection

The experts at have reported that a number of business types benefit from taking this extra step with their insurance needs. From mobile drilling units to yacht dealerships, this level of coverage protects all companies that conduct some or all business in the water. Additional areas this type of policy can cover

  • Pollution cleanup
  • Subsistence 
  • Criminal fines
  • Civil penalties 

Unexpected Assistance

Vessel pollution protection is key for your business to succeed. In the event your boat gets into an accident with another vessel, comprehensive coverage can provide you with a sense of relief. The coverage can also help in ways you don’t expect. Should you experience financial setbacks from a third-party accident, for example, some policies cover the loss of income.

Take time to review the policies available to you in order to select the most sensible marine pollution coverage for your company. In no time, you’ll be ready to keep your business going full speed ahead.