Secure Your Home: Preparing for a Storm

Secure Your Home: Preparing for a Storm

It’s clear that climate change is causing larger and stronger storms across the United States. Having wind and flood insurance can help pay for damage after a storm but there are pre storm home preparation steps you can take to prevent damage in the first place.

Trim Trees and Bushes

Branches that touch your home can chafe the exterior during a storm, creating potential leaks. More importantly, long or dead branches become deadly projectiles that can blow right through glass or drywall. Keep your exterior tidy and your landscaping trimmed to prevent injuries to people or your home.

Provide Extra Support Where Needed

Storm shutters are the best way to protect the glass in your home but there are other options. Look at hurricane window film that you leave on year-round, or high-impact glass. In a pinch, good old plywood still comes through.

Reinforce your roof with roof clips. Keep your garage door from flying away with reinforced braces.

Maintain Your Exterior

Finally, stay on top of your exterior maintenance. That roof leak may be a minor inconvenience now, but a strong storm can turn that small leak into a waterfall. Evaluate your roof and siding annually and make repairs as needed.

Taking care of these three steps means you’re less likely to have to deal with the hassle of repairs after a major storm.