Stopping Slander or Defamation

Stopping Slander or Defamation

Companies or individuals who have come under personal or organizational attack for their decision-making or actions are often berated or plagued by upset parties through media campaigns, press interviews, or picketing. In some cases, the effects of these actions can create harm to be profit and reputation of a business, requiring that legal action be taken. In these cases, a cease and desist slander and libel letter might be sent, which would demand that the recipient stop the spread of false information or deal with legal consequences. As Huntersure explains, libel is the term for false information that is spread through written form, while slander is relegated to misinformation that is shared through the spoken word.

Components of a Desist Letter

For a formal letter to be accepted as serious, it should include the specific details about the erroneous statements that are being made which slander or defame the sender. One of these letters could also be termed”

The letter informs the party of your request to stop the spread of false information which is hurting your company or personal reputation, but it also inform the recipient of your next course of action should they ignore the letter. The next step usually includes legal action. The thought of an expensive and time-consuming court battle is sometimes enough to have the offending party comply with the demands of the letter and the requests of the sender.