The Extent of Homeowner’s Insurance

The Extent of Homeowner’s Insurance

The Extent of Homeowner’s Insurance

The question on many people’s minds approaching the hurricane season is, “Does homeowners insurance cover hurricane damage?” If you live in a hurricane area, this is a question you need answered.

What Is Covered

Homeowners insurance offers coverage to protect your home when disaster strikes. This can be helpful with repair and rebuilding in the event of unexpected situations. Most home insurance covers damage caused by the following:







What Is Not Covered

Many times, people believe homeowner’s insurance covers everything. The truth is that there are certain specialty coverage options that are not included. These include things such as the following:




These are generally separate insurance policies depending on where you live. For example, if you live in California, you most likely will want to purchase earthquake insurance on top of your homeowner’s insurance. And if you live in Florida, you might want to purchase hurricane and flood insurance to protect against the summer storms.

Are You Covered?

Natural disasters can be a worry for homeowners. So, does homeowners insurance cover hurricane damage? Not usually, no. If you live in an area that experiences hurricanes, you may want to consider purchasing your own hurricane insurance to protect your home and your assets during this type of storm.