The Synergistic Effect of Two Cannabis Products

The Synergistic Effect of Two Cannabis Products

You no longer have to live a life in pain when you have plenty of effective and alternative treatment options to choose from. There are several CBD products that have been proven to manage pain. One product blends two different cannabis compounds together, called Synergy. Let’s take a look at the Synergy CBD info provided by King Harvest Wellness.

A Combination of Effects

This product works by combing CBD and THC Sativa, two compounds found in the cannabis plant, to work in harmony. This is known as the Entourage Effect. Together, they penetrate deep beneath the surface of the skin and reach the pain or discomfort you feel by being absorbed into the bloodstream and muscles. Many people may worry about the psychoactive effects of THC, but because this is a topical treatment those elements are removed.

The Benefits of Synergy

Synergy’s main benefits include relieving pain and treating depression. It also has the ability to do the following without leaving you feeling like you’re under sedation or high:

Increase focus
Sharpen thinking skills
Boost energy levels

A Therapy That Works

If you suffer from pain or mental illness, such as depression, you may want to consider CBD therapy as an alternative to medication. The Synergy CBD info above helps give you an overview of how this treatment option can help you live happily and pain-free.