Three Signs of An Overworked Staff

Three Signs of An Overworked Staff

Overworked employees are not happy employees. Staffers that are overwhelmed and buried in work will not perform as well as the alternative. What are some of the signs that you’re pushing your staff too hard?

1. They’ve Been Working Many Hours With Little Time Off

Everybody needs a break sometimes, and when it comes to your employees this is something that you need to ensure you’re providing them. Yes, it’s important to push to get a task or project completed, but not at the risk of their mental health. If you feel like they’re reaching a breaking point, Daniels Insurance Agency is an informative resource to help you out.

2. Emotions Are Running High

Not everyone shows stress in the same ways: Some people hold it all inside while others are perfectly at home bursting into tears. No matter what height of emotion you’re noticing, this could be a sign of too much work.

3. Bad Feelings All-Around

When there’s a negative energy everyone can sense it. If relationships between employees are starting to crumble or you notice that your customers are unhappy, something has got to change.

It’s a challenge to deal with overworked employees, but once you know how to identify the signs then you can do your job to improve. It’s humbling, but part of what will make you a good boss.