Understanding Liability Endorsements for Watercraft and Aviation

Understanding Liability Endorsements for Watercraft and Aviation

Businesses that provide unique or specialized services often need to go above and beyond when it comes to finding the perfect insurance package. This is especially true of the watercraft and aviation industries. Coverage in these fields tends to require a specific type of underwriting when it comes to taking out an appropriate policy. General liability is a must when you own a business, but your policy for watercraft and aviation must include the specific risks and coverage that do not typically fall under general liability.

Key Areas of Coverage

There are a number of key points to think over when it comes to figuring out liability endorsement for watercraft or aviation. For one, physical damage and liability are critical for protecting your company and the hulls of your vessels. Additionally, most policies should include coverage for workers’ compensation and employee liability, as this protects your staff in an array of commonplace situations and provides coverage in the event of an accident or injury. Other important coverage areas include:

  • Liability for hangar keepers
  • Standalone policies and liability endorsements
  • General liability for products

Determining the Best Fit

By taking the time to review the specific risks of your industry, you stand to find an insurance policy that meets all of your needs. Take time to review the ins and outs of your options to land on coverage that you feel satisfied with.