What Goes Into Comprehensive Insurance for Manufacturers?

What Goes Into Comprehensive Insurance for Manufacturers?

Business insurance usually benefits from bundling in ways similar to your personal policies. That is why comprehensive insurance built around key industries has become so popular. By consolidating liability coverage, employment insurance, asset protection, and even vehicle policies, tailor-made insurance for manufacturers can be put together to consolidate everything into one business policy.

Key Coverage Areas in Manufacturing

There are some real differences from one manufacturing niche to another and one business to another within the niche. Generally speaking, though, all of these areas of important coverage are included, as well as additional options like umbrella policy extensions:

  • Liability coverage including product liability, premises insurance, and a general policy
  • Commercial auto or utility vehicle insurance
  • Equipment policies for computers and key shop machines
  • Risk insurance, including business interruption coverage
  • Property insurance that includes supply and inventory coverage
  • Employment practices, workers compensation, and other labor-oriented policies
  • Additional commercial insurance coverage options to suit your company

Insurance for manufacturers begins with a full assessment of your business that includes your assets, operations, and staff. Quotes reflect not only what kind of manufacturing work you do, but also how your business is run. The right insurer can work with you to provide safety training resources and other risk management tools that reduce claims and premium costs, so make sure you work with an experienced insurance team.