Why Your Rideshare Vehicle Needs Sedan Insurance

Why Your Rideshare Vehicle Needs Sedan Insurance

While the Silicon Valley app developers would have you believe that ride sharing invented a new industry, it is just not so. Private hired sedans have been a feature of the personal transportation industry for decades, all the apps did was mainstream their use as an alternative to taxis. Sedan insurance covers hired vehicles transporting passengers in the event of accidents that lead to medical or property damage to the rider. Comprehensive coverage also takes care of your needs above and beyond liability.

  • Property damage, including damage to your vehicle
  • Towing & rental
  • Accessories coverage for your GPS, radio, or other job-related equipment

Coupled with a risk policy that protects you from lost income, this insurance is often all you need to run a one-person sedan for hire business with a proper risk management plan.

Finding the Right Sedan Coverage

When it comes to a sedan policy, you will find no shortage of providers, including those catering to the rideshare community specifically. If you want the best rates, coverage provisions, and options, though, you cannot settle for just any sedan insurance provider. You need to work with someone whose experience and expertise guiding drivers to suitable risk management plans predates any fad, who really make their programs shine. That is where the most specifically tailored and cost-efficient coverage is to be found when hunting any industry-specific business coverage.